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Fm-Parts Quick Mount Universal Front Lifting Strap
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Product code: FP009UN
Manufacturer: Fm-Parts

When the strugle is real you need this :

Fm-Parts Universal Quic Mount Lifting Straps for Dirtbikes

One of the best and strongest lifting straps available on the market.

  • Very easy to mount, NO need to remouve the fork (2 minutes work to install it)
  • High-strength recycled nylon strap
  • 39mm webbing is strong, thick, and easy to grab
  • Indispensable for use on extreme terrain
  • Front strap Attaches to fork tube
  • Mounting with CNC Machined aluminium plates
  • Stainless steel screws included
  • Pulling force of 5.5 Tones per each strap

The Fm-Parts lifting straps provides a convenient grabbing point in front of your dirt bike . With the Fm-Parts Lifting straps installed now there’s an easy place to grab onto fast and pull as hard as you can without breaking a thing.


From hard-core enduro riders to trail riders, they all love having a lifting strap! And let's face it: we all get into nasty situations occasionally, that's part of the fun in Hard Enduro !  And now getting out is a lot easier thanks to the Fm-Parts Front & Rear motorbike lift straps. 

Manufactured fron recycled nylon.

Fit`s On :

  • KTM All enduro and MX Models
  • Husqvarna All enduro and MX Models
  • Gas Gas All enduro and MX Models
  • Beta All enduro Models
  • Sherco All enduro Models
  • Rieju  All enduro 



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