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About Us

    We believe in Hard Enduro! 


    Sometimes, all you need to find is an extra motivation in order to give the best in what you do. 

    How WE help YOU with this?

    We believe in our passion. We’re all passionate about Hard Enduro and engineering. That is why you will discover some unique products and features. Also because we spent thousands of hours studying protections and parts and we are trying to improve every time.

    First of all, we stand for quality. That is why we design and produce our products in Romania - the mother of Hard Enduro.

    All our products are tested by our team and by TOP hard enduro riders like Sandra Gomez, Teodor Kabackiev and Peter Weiss among many others.

    We may not reinvent the wheel, but we have certainly raised the standards in terms of protections and accessories for Hard Enduro.

    After 14 years of experience in the Hard Enduro world, we decided to improve the protections and accessories for Hard Enduro and MX.

    FmParts is a part of Fm Racing Romania, the biggest racing company in Romania. For 14 years, we provide rental bikes and technical assistance to more than 500 riders from all over the world, during the extreme enduro races in Europe like Red Bull Romaniacs, Erzberg Rodeo, Redbull MegaWatt, Sea to Sky and many others.

    Our main goal is to provide you with the best Hard Enduro parts and protections, this is why we have already started to offer User Lifetime Warranty. We believe in our passion and most of all, we believe in what we produce.

    We design and produce our parts in-house on the newest 5 axis CNC machines from DMG Mori.

    We support passion and we understand it. Our projects are someone’s own passion and belief.

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