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Beta Radiator Guards

If you are looking for the best Radiator Guards for your Beta RR 250/300, here is the answear, we have created some of the best radiator protections on the market, 

They are CNC machined from a single 6082 aluminum block, this aluminum is used in aviation, being a very resistant and at the same time elastic type of aluminum.

Fm Parts radiator protection for Beta not only protects the radiator from the front, but also from the sides 


When we started designing the Beta protections we had 4 very important points in mind :

  1. Protects the radiator in any conditions, the protection is designed even if the pipe hits the radiator, the protection will take the blow, not the radiator
  2. Increases airflow due to open channel design
  3. 35% Increase steering,we saw a limitation of the handlebar turn and then we redrawed the protection, we made a place at the top to allow the handlebar to turn much more than any other protection
  4. Most of the protections retain the mud and leaves between the radiator and the protection, so we thought of an open place at the bottom to drain the mud and leaves between the protection and the radiator.

How to instal the Beta Radiator Guards  :

  • You need just an 8mm wrench, there is no need to disassemble the tank, only the radiator grille is removed
  • Put the radiator protection and fasten it in 2 screws on the frame and 2 screws on the side


Our Protections and parts are tested and used by top riders in Hard Enduro World Championship :

  • Alfredo Gomez
  • Sandra Gomez
  • Teodor Kabakchiev 
  • Suff Sella
  • Marc Fernandez

Do you dream of customizing your radiator protection? Then we can fulfill your dream, from now  the protections can be personalized with your name and riding number

Beta radiator guards are designed and manufactured 100% in Romania, the mother of Hard Enduro

Order here : 

Fm-Parts UniBody Beta RR 250/300 2020-2022 Radiator Guards

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