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Fm-Parts Large Rear Brake Pedal StepKTM/Husqvarna Orange V2
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Product code: FPX22OR
Manufacturer: Fm-Parts

Fm-Parts Large Rear Brake Pedal Step Ktm/Husqvarna/ GasGas Silver

Made of one single block of 7075 Aluminium the rear brake pedal step is with 20% wider than OEM. 

  • More stronger than Oem
  • More Grip due to the enlarged design
  • Interchangeable stainless steel screws improve grip in extreme conditions
  • Built on CNC in Romania

Fm-Parts Rear Brake Pedal Step for KTM - Husqvarna - Gas Gas 

How many times have you not reached the brake pedal on some downhilss? Many times, we know how important is to have a wide brake pedal tip in extreme conditions, when you can not reach with the boot the rear brake pedal. This is why we design and we produce the new model of brake pedal step, we made sure we built from the toughest material (7075 Aluminium used in Aviation)

Step KTM/Husqvarna Orange

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